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Power Your EV or Home With Clean Energy From a Solar Carport

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A lot of rooftop solar has been installed in the last few years as people look to reduce their reliance on climate-change-causing fossil fuels and save money on electricity bills. Rooftop solar can in less than 10 years in certain places and, thanks in part to a , is being installed in each quarter.

But residential solar isn’t limited just to the rooftop. Homeowners might find that for their needs. Others might opt for smart house a solar carport, a structure that shelters your car with solar panels.

If you’re considering solar, brush up on , what and what and .

What is a solar carport?

A carport is an open-sided structure that shelters cars from the elements. Think of it as a garage without walls. A solar carport is one where the roof holds or is made of solar panels.

While the definition is fairly broad and relatively simple, their ideal use is narrower and requires a bit more thought.

The cheapest way to get solar panels at home is to put them on your roof. EnergySage, which collects pricing data from its solar marketplace, says of solar capacity. Ground-mounted solar panels come in at $3.11 per watt, and a solar carport costs on average $3.31 per watt. While those numbers seem relatively close, if we apply them to a hypothetical 5-kilowatt system, the savings with rooftop solar are even more apparent.