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Just how much money is typically demanded by ransomware aggressors?

Because there is no set rate, it’s difficult to figure out how much cash is typically demanded by ransomware attackers. The quantity of cash required can vary depending upon the kind of ransomware used, malware and ransomware (just click the following web page) the quantity of data encrypted, the type of data secured, malware and malware And Ransomware ransomware (Read the Full Posting) the attacker’s willingness to negotiate. We can look at some real-world examples to get a sense of how much money enemies usually require.

In April of 2016, the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center was hit with ransomware that secured their information. The attackers demanded 9,000 bitcoins, which is comparable to about $3.6 million. The healthcare facility ended up paying the ransom and regaining access to their data.

In February of 2017, the San Francisco Municipal Transport Company (SFMTA) was struck with ransomware that locked down some of their computer system systems. The enemies demanded 100 bitcoins, which is equivalent to about $70,000. The SFMTA did not pay the ransom and instead restored their systems from backups.

These examples reveal that the quantity of money demanded by ransomware opponents can vary significantly. It actually depends upon the attacker and the situation’s motivation.

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