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Ghost Installations Your Way To Success

A ghost immobilizer is a device that stops your car from starting by using a unique pin number. It communicates with the Engine Control Unit via your engine’s CAN network. It also stops blank key fobbing. Ghost immobilizers are a great choice if you are worried about your car being stolen. It is extremely quiet. It can be used in valet service without causing suspicion.

Autowatch Ghost is an immobiliser for your vehicle

The Autowatch Ghost allows drivers to control the car’s engine, steering and other functions by entering a unique pin code. The immobiliser is installed on the vehicle’s CAN Data Network, which means it can be placed in any spot within the vehicle. The Ghost is much more hidden than older immobilisers and thieves aren’t able to take it.

It protects vehicles from key theft and cloning. It is unnoticeable by key cloning devices and jammers. The Ghost immobiliser not only prevents the vehicle being driven away from its location without a key, it also permits it to enter a service mode. It also helps stop key bypassing, key cloning and replacing an ECU. The Autowatch Ghost is simple to install and does not invalidate a vehicle’s warranty.

The Autowatch Ghost is a next-generation vehicle security device that connects to the vehicle’s CAN data network. The device is programmed to work with specific buttons on the vehicle and is compatible with a wide variety of vehicles. Users can also create a unique pin code in order to start and disarm their vehicle. The Autowatch Ghost system is compatible with several vehicle manufacturers and models, ghost immobilizer so no matter what model you own you’ll find a solution that meets your requirements.

It stops thieves from starting your vehicle.

Ghost security system won’t allow an intruder access to your vehicle without a PIN number. It’s difficult for thieves to identify by sophisticated scanners using RF. The security system is compatible with your car’s existing CAN network, which means there’s no additional wires or cutting circuits. The system’s service mode lets you deactivate the security system completely, and the system will reset the PIN if you suspect that it’s been compromised.

The Ghost immobilizer can be detected by no diagnostic tools and emits no LED or radio signals. It operates in the background, using the on-board CAN network, which ensures total security 24 hours a day. To activate the immobiliser, simply need to enter your PIN code into the existing buttons on the dashboard and steering wheel. It will then work silently in the background to block thieves from starting your car.

Ghost immobilisers are among the best ways you can ensure your car is safe from theft. It operates without signal, LED indicator or frequency. It relies on the onboard CAN data network to block a thief’s signal which allows it to go unnoticed for a long time. It also prevents thieves from starting your car while you’re on regular maintenance or getting an MOT.

It also comes with a service valet mode

The Ghost immobilizer features an option for a service valet or mode to make it easy to service your car. To activate the service valet mode, the driver needs to enter the PIN code to unlock the vehicle. For 15 minutes, the vehicle is required to not exceed 30 miles per hour. Then the Ghost immobilizer will be reset and the owner will have to enter the PIN code again to unlock the vehicle. This is a useful feature for 99 percent of test drives.

The service valet mode allows the vehicle to be secured when it is parked, but can also be utilized by a service provider. The Ghost immobiliser has the option of a service valet that allows the service provider utilize the vehicle. The service valet mode lets the user to simply give your keys to another person without the need to disarm sequence. This mode of service is especially beneficial for valet parking and service stations.

The Ghost works with all types of vehicles even those manufactured by popular brands. It will secure your vehicle without cutting wires or aftermarket alarms. The Ghost immobiliser can be programmed with a unique PIN code or code pattern to ensure that your vehicle is secure and protected. This system can be used on many vehicles including Audi, BMW and Ford, Hyundai, Nissan and Mercedes.

It’s quiet

When you utilize an immobilizer that is ghost it is a guarantee that your vehicle is secure against theft. It is designed to communicate with the vehicle’s ECU unit in a quiet manner, making it hard for thieves to discern where your vehicle is. Its Emergency PIN code override feature allows you to disengage the vehicle in the event of theft. Ghost immobilisers can help reduce your insurance premium and protect your car from theft.

The ghost immobilizer’s second benefit is its simple installation and use of a non-radio signal to communicate with the ECU. It is also very user-friendly and does not require any technical expertise to install. You simply need to program a unique PIN code that is reset automatically when the ignition is shut off. It will remain in place even if the vehicle isn’t in use after it’s been installed.

A Ghost immobiliser is waterproof, meaning that it can be used in a range of conditions. It’s virtually undetectable, unlike other key fobs. In addition, unlike most key fobs, the Ghost immobiliser isn’t a replacement for the original key used in the car. It works in conjunction with the original key. It is also possible to make use of the Ghost immobiliser in colder climates, since it is made to be water-resistant and Ghost immobilizer waterproof.

It is reversible

The Ghost immobilizer is compatible with CAN bus systems, and is non-invasive and easily reversible. The immobilizer can be mounted on virtually any vehicle and has a variety of PIN sequence buttons to provide different levels of security. Ghost installations do not affect warranties on vehicles and can be transferred to another car. If you ever sell your car it is possible that the Ghost can be reinstalled on any other vehicle.

The Ghost Immobiliser is fully reverse-able, meaning that you can remove it without any impact on the original immobiliser. It helps prevent theft by interfering with ignition and starting of the engine. The immobiliser functions by connecting to the car’s CAN and generating an individual private PIN code. The unique PIN code will be required to be entered into the vehicle’s control at the time you start the vehicle.

The Ghost Immobiliser connects with the International Security Register (ISR) and CAN bus systems. It’s small and weatherproof. It can be put anywhere on the vehicle, including under the under the hood. The Ghost can be reversed, and does not impact the warranty of the vehicle. The Ghost Immobilizer is easy to switch from one vehicle to another and comes with an extremely long-lasting battery. These are great advantages that make it a great choice for those who do not wish to alter their vehicle.

It is not intrusive.

The Ghost Immobilizer is a flexible and innovative solution for protecting your vehicle. It is compatible on almost every car model and even the latest models. It is also weatherproof and small enough that thieves won’t be able to find it. What’s more, because it is so small and non-obtrusive it won’t impact the warranty of your vehicle or transferability. Thanks to its CAN bus compatibility it works seamlessly with various CAN-bus systems. Installing it is simple and can be done anyplace inside your vehicle. Ghost is easy to put in any place and has an elegant design that won’t distract from the car’s appearance.

The Ghost Immobiliser system is able to communicate with the vehicle’s ECU. As a result, it’s virtually invisible and ghost immobilizer won’t give the location of your vehicle. It makes it virtually impossible for thieves or to steal your car and the key that drives it. This device is non-intrusive and allows you to start and drive your car without hassle. Ghost Immobilizer works with all cars because of its compatibility with CAN bus systems. Ghost is extremely light and weatherproof, and has a long battery life.

The Ghost Immobiliser is one the most effective security for vehicles options on the market. Its security features prevent car thieves from bypassing it. Since it does not have obvious LED indicators or key fobs, Ghost immobilisers can be installed almost anywhere. They are also not as noticeable as other immobilisers, and are easy to install. With these benefits, it’s well worth the cost.

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