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Best Places to Buy Glasses Online

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When shopping for glasses, it can be discouraging seeing the price tag of your favourite frames and lenses. That’s why you should always shop online when it comes to buying a new pair of spectacles. Buying glasses on the internet is not only convenient, it’s also one of the most cost-effective ways to shop as dozens of online retailers have a huge variety of awesome designer frames without the shocking price tag. You can also compare several prescription eyewear options to make sure you get the best price. And with tons of deals and offers, you can fight eye strain without putting a strain on your budget.

These online glasses shops have caused the price of glasses to drop — in some cases, you can save hundreds of dollars on , , blue light filtering lenses and sunglasses. Buying  online from a manufacturer like  is not only cheaper; it’s also a lot less time-consuming than going in person. It only takes a few minutes to enter your prescription and measure your pupillary distance, then you’re on your way to ordering glasses online. 

If you’re worried about missing out on the try-on experience or afraid you’ll end up with a bad fit, relax. Several online stores will let you upload an image of your face and “try on” various frame styles to see how they’ll look. Warby Parker and similar sites will help you determine your face shape, and even send you sample frames to try on. Just send them back when you’re done. 

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