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What is Bond Contact Bracelet?

Bond Contact bracelet is the proof that should you can’t hold nor see your companion firsthand, you can touch them instead. You may communicate similar to calls, messages, and exchanging pictures to your companion and be sure that it is encrypted and safe. Every time you contact the gap bracelets, your family members feel a little buzz round their wrist.

Like the way you couples are a match, these bands will definitely match you even more.

Bond Touch bracelets are light weight, waterproof long distance contact bracelets that sends natural vibrations to connect. These accesory bands are made up of abs plastic with totally different colors and have lengthy battery life. Like any other connective gadgets, this requires an application which can be discussed below.

Battery life

The battery life of those bands can allow you to stay synced with your accomplice and send touches. Also with your phone’s bluetooth and a wi fi, you’ll be related with your partner’s bracelet.

With its battery life, You possibly can communicate resembling calls, messages, and even change picture for a long time with your partner. Also, these bands secures an area safe for private chats since it is encrypted and safe.

Colors Available

These waterproof colored bands are available in several colors — ghost white, pink sand, emerald green, and twilight blue. You should utilize comparable items or send a distinct colour as your partner’s bracelets.


Long distance touch bracelets, with wi fi or bluetooth, proves that for those who can’t hold or see your loved ones firsthand, you may make them feel your contact instead.

How does it connect lengthy distance?

Basically, Every time you contact the space bracelets, your family members feel a little buzz around their wrist. These bonds will create your conversation with just taps.

Also, You can create distinctive and completely different types of faucets and colors with messages only you and your associate know. For example, taps will likely be I miss you or 6 faucets shall be a assist call. With these bands, You’ll be able to contact or track your accomplice’s status.

With each buy of a Bond Contact pack, you’ll get sets of lengthy distance contact bracelets. One bracelet is supposed for yourself, while you may give the opposite lengthy distance contact bracelets to your lengthy distance partner.

Every box comes with a contact bracelet module with an an exterior plastic casing and RGB LED, surgical metal loop, and charging factors on one side.

In addition, you will also get an instruction brochure, a one-contact bracelet USB charger, one punch software, a few closure studs, and a leather band that’s 30 inches long.

Now, the key to utilizing your Bond bracelet to me is personalization.

It’s worthwhile to assemble your bracelets. I understand that some individuals will think of it as a daunting task. However, assembling your bracelet might be an excellent activity for those with an eye for arts and crafts and those that love DIY! Create it with distinctive styles!

How Bond Contact Bracelets Work?

The primary thing that it is advisable do after you open the box is to assemble your bracelet. To do this, you possibly can simply follow the instruction brochure. I love the instruction brochure because it was straightforward to follow! After you might be performed assembling your bracelet, you’ll be able to charge your contact bracelet module.

Note that it take round three hours to get your contact bracelets module absolutely charge. I didn’t properly charge my Bond Contact module the first time, and it didn’t sync properly with my app, so don’t make the identical mistake that I did.

While your contact bracelets module is charging, you can proceed to download the Bond Contact app in your smartphone. You need to use either Android or iOs working system- Google Play or Apple Apps store. Just make certain that they follow requirements that can be found on their website.

When you carried out it, the next thing to do is to make sure that your associate has performed the identical process, add them as your pair through the app, and start BONDing with your contact bracelets!

Simply tap twice to ship signal to your lengthy – distance companion and they’re going to see and really feel your contact proper away. Isn’t it nice? I still get butterflies whenever my LDR companion sends me a signal via his contact bracelet, I know he thinks of me. A minimum of I can feel him despite not being able to be with him in person.

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