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The Increasing Demand For Pop-Up Arcades

Phoenix Amusements has been around before arcade games were even invented. We’ve been around to witness the evolution of the amusement market into the business it is today. This is why we need to ensure that arcade games were around for the future generations to to enjoy. It’s not a secret that large arcades from the 80’s and 90’s have turned into an endangered species. Since they’ve been disappearing slowly, it’s become increasingly difficult to locate arcade games. But the scarcity of arcade games has provided some positive aspects for our industry. It’s led the way to the rise of pop-up arcades for special occasions. It’s possible that you were one of the few who have a local arcade, just like the classic arcade in Stranger Things 2. A place that is only home to arcade games will be successful in the initial days of opening, however, the traffic will decrease as time passes, usually due to alcohol and food aren’t available. There are plenty of alternative options for those who don’t reside near an arcade. When you search for old-fashioned arcades, it is discovered that there is an opportunity to play for a short time at an event. People will be willing to go the extra mile to come to the event, as they will only have a brief opportunity to revisit the classic arcade experience. In the past several years, we’ve witnessed an abundance of interest generated by events, public markets, sports venues, pop-up stores and other massive occasions for pop-up arcades. On Saturday, August 10 is one such event at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum. They’ve set up an pop-up arcade, featuring arcade games from the 1980s as well as some of our pinballs, which is in line the “Georgia on My Screen Exhibit”. All arcade games set to play free. In other instances our clients utilize pop-up arcades to make the customer experience more enjoyable which is why they set them up for free play, Homearcadecenter website and then sit back crowds gather to play Street Fighter 2, Ms. Pacman and pinballs. Since our inception it has been a constant requests for pop-up arcades, but as our customers started making requests for them more often it became apparent that they were popular. We have expanded our collection of games from the past so that we could provide a variety of options to rent. Our experience with renting popup arcades has been an absolute blast. Since our company started renting out games for special events or per month, we rarely have the opportunity to watch people play arcade games. But , when we run the popup arcades, we get an opportunity to witness how excited everyone (and youngsters at heart) feel when they get the chance to play classic arcade games. One of the benefits of operating an arcade rental business is that we’re invited to many events. If you’re planning a wedding or an employee appreciation party, arcade games are great for entertaining a an enormous number of guests. When we offer games at any event, I want to know what games are my favorites. It is amazing to see that people love the games we provide given how many there are. When we are able to acquire a copy of a genuine classic that we want to play, we “shop for them” or finish restoring the game. We make sure to keep the games authentic as possible to give that retro arcade feel. This is why we are popular for film and television productions that demand authentic retro 80s games or 90s classics. Sometimes, it inspires me more than other times. Recently, we offered 10 arcade games at an event in the school. After the event, we spoke to the student who was the organizer of the event, and she absolutely loved all of the arcade games. It was truly amazing to observe how many attended and played all of the arcade games. Much like many teenagers as well as young adults their age, they are limited in attention span and social interaction. She stated that she wasn’t sure if this event would be a hit, especially among freshmen. She said that as the evening was progressing, students arrived and got into the arcade games. The event began when students began playing arcade games. While they waited , they watched the other gamers play. They were then allowed to interact with new students. She explained that this was the primary purpose behind the event, “to get students out of their classrooms, meeting and conversing with other students.” I’m sure certain individuals excel in social settings, but most people need to get comfortable before speaking with a stranger. If you’re two colleagues who are bonded over who’s the better in Street Fighter or a new student arcade games are a fantastic opportunity to connect people. While we marvel at rapid pace of technological advances as a society Many people recognize the need to communicate and interact with one another. Retro gaming is a great way to do this.

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