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Still Living With Your Parents? It’s Time To Pack Up And Wall Hung Electric Fires

wall hung electric fire If you’re thinking about buying an electric wall-hung fire, wall electric fireplace it’s vital to know which features to look for. We’ll cover the wall Hung electric fire Ezee Glow Zara 50″ electric fire and the PuraFlame Serena and the Moda Flame MFE5048WS among other models. We’ve provided reviews for each product to make it easier to pick. Read on the wall fireplace to find out which ones are the most effective.

Dimplex Winslow

The dimplex Winslow wall-mounted/tabletop linear fireplace is a 48-inch electric fireplace that you can mount on the wall or attach to a tabletop TV stand. It has three options for interchangeable media and three different accent colors for the ember bed. This fire can be mounted nearly anywhere, including the living room, bedroom and dining room or office. The curved glass front gives stunning views of the flames and provides an elegant appearance.

Dimplex Winslow wall-hung electric fireplace uses a ceramic element to heat up to 1000 square feet. The remote control enables easy operation. You can also set the temperature at any hour. If you prefer the fireplace can be shut off after 8 hours or in one-hour increments. The device also comes with the safety switch to prevent overheating and cool-to-touch glass.

The Dimplex Winslow wall-hung electric fireplace features a curved glass top that emphasizes the flames. It has 4,777 BTUs for supplemental heat and is safe for children. This fireplace can also be used with a tabletop or a wall mount, depending on your space and the style you prefer. It is also safe to use on tables and other surfaces, including tables.

The Dimplex Winslow wall hung electric fireplace is available in 36-inch, 42-inch and 48-inch sizes. Its realistic flames provide a stylish finish to any room. The Winslow is also compatible with a range of tables and shelves, making it easy to install anywhere. It can be easily installed and plugs into an outlet with 120V. You can select from logs, crystals or pebbles for this fireplace. The Winslow also comes with side strip lighting that can set the mood. It also has an automatic temperature control for the room and touch-screen control that allows you to quickly change the flames and media.

Dimplex Burbank

Dimplex Burbank’s Opti-myst wall-hung electric fireplace is a sophisticated ultra-modern fireplace which can be placed on any surface. The flame effect can be adjusted to look like real coal or white pebbles. With the help of a remote, you can change the intensity of the flames in accordance with your preferences. It can be controlled using the remote control that comes with, and requires no annual maintenance.

This electric wall-hung fireplace is made of a glossy finish and is perfect for wall installation. The suspended fireplace looks elegant and will complement any interior design. It has a heating system of 1-2kW. It can be used for both heat and visualization, depending on the setting and interior design. You can alter the brightness to meet your requirements. The Dimplex Burbank is an excellent option for any room.

PuraFlame Serena

The PuraFlame Sereana wall-hung electric fireplaces wall mounted fireplace comes with four flame settings, as well as an electric heater that blows down to keep the TV in place. The television is not affected by the down blowing heater. It also comes with two settings for heat, high and low. They can be different in power and temperature. The most powerful setting is 1500W while the lowest is 750 W. A remote control is also available for the fireplace.

This sleek and modern electric fireplace is a perfect addition to any room. With a 5 1/2-inch depth, it can be mounted on the wall or within a recess. With adjustable heat settings this wall-hung fireplace is able to warm up to 400 square feet. To ensure your safety, this fireplace is equipped with an alarm clock as well as overheat protection. This fireplace is also environmentally-friendly.

The PuraFlame Serena 50 inch linear wall-hung electric fireplace is a great choice if you are looking for an electric fireplace wall mounted fireplace that doesn’t take up too much space. It has sleek, black finish, a large flame, and features that make it simple to use. It’s simple to set up and comes with a host of features that are easy to use for the user. Its convenient remote control lets you adjust the brightness of flames, while the timer that can be programmed keeps you updated on the temperature.

The PuraFlame Serena wall-hung electric fire comes with an ultra-thin design, and it can be mounted on a wall or recessed into the ceiling. It also has an inbuilt thermal cut-off device which means that the unit automatically turns off after a preset amount of time. The unit comes with mounting screws and a wall bracket. There is also the remote control, and the flames can be controlled with a the remote control or touch screen.

Moda Flame MFE5048WS

Moda Flame MFE5048WS, a wall-mounted electric fire, has multiple temperature and ambience control modes. Dual heat modes enable you to choose between a warm or cool flame , as well as flickering low flame to create ambience without the necessity of heating. A built-in timer shuts off the device automatically after a set period. The fireplace can also be used outdoors with its outdoor version.

Regal Flame Denali

The Denali electric fireplace manufactured by the Regal Flame company is one of the top-selling fireplaces for the wall on the market. Its 50-inch wide design can warm up to 400 square feet. The fireplace also comes with multi-functional remote that manages the various functions of the unit. With the right settings it will warm your room in no time. You can select to make it blow up hot air or maintain a constant temperature.

The 4.8 inch depth of the Denali wall hung electric fire is perfect for large rooms and is also available in recessed and mounted styles. The log set includes the fire, but it doesn’t come with a reversible log. The recessed setup requires more work, but it is an attractive alternative for many homeowners. Denali is available in traditional and contemporary styles. It will not obstruct your view of the heat or flames.

This electric wall mounted electric fires-hung fireplace by Regal Flame will add modern elegance to your home while reducing your energy bills by up to 90%. The product looks and feels fantastic in any room. Dual mode technology lets you to use the denali with or without heating based on the season. If you prefer to set the timer so that the unit does not heat. You can plug it in by using a 6-foot extension cord.

The sleek and contemporary R.W.FLAME 50-inch electric fireplace can be wall mounted or built into a wall. The Denali 60-inch electric fireplace is a good choice for those who have an expansive wall. The Denali comes with adjustable flame effects and a built-in heater and two types of an ember bed. The crystals and logs can be swapped easily. This model is more flexible than other electric fireplaces on the wall and comes with a variety of accessories.

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