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Six Ways To L4V Hook Lock Better In Under 30 Seconds

If you own an LEVC van hook lock and are looking to get a high security level, think about installing a Hook Lock. This mechanical deadlock has become one of the most popular security upgrades that are available. It can be fitted to any door and is one of most effective methods to stop theft or vandalism. LEVC engineers have been approached by the company to develop unique products. The company’s bespoke services allow them to design custom solutions for each van hook deadlocks.

Hook Lock is a mechanical deadlock

Among the various van security options, the L4V Hook Lock is one of the most well-known. The mechanical deadlock is inserted into the van’s receiving keep, protecting it from door spreading. Additionally, the L4V Hook Lock is able to lock with an extremely secure key, even if the manufacturer’s locking system is not secure. This makes it perfect for use on the cab door, side-load door and rear-load door.

This mechanical deadlock is ideal for vans that have doors with barn-style. They have a bottom latch , which allows them to be operated easily and the L4V Hook Lock is compatible with a variety of vans. It is suitable for use on a Ford Transit Custom. Because it is unique, it’s ideal for barn doors because it prevents doors from being ‘peeled ‘ and unlocked.

It is a very popular security upgrade

LOCKS4VANS provides the L4V Hook Lock. This is a well-liked van security upgrade. The hook lock extends into your bodywork , and offers greater security against door spreading. In contrast to traditional van security hook locks door locks, hook locks from L4V can be locked with a high-security lock. This is a powerful security enhancement for vans that are often accessed by the driver.

L4V has been committed for many years to van crime reduction and has invested a total amount of PS2.5 million into an research and development facility. They discovered that thieves are more likely to believe that one door is shut while another one opens. The company is also ahead in anticipating their next targets, such electric and hybrid vehicles. The possibility of theft will be significantly reduced by having L4V products installed in vans.

Locks 4 Vans also offers a combined high hook lock/anti-peel kit to Ford Custom vans. These kits are designed to fight the growing incidence of ‘peel-and steal attacks in which thieves employ brute force to facilitate the removal of van doors. The L4V hook lock strengthens the door from the inside and provides greater security and deterrence for gangs that use this tactic.

It is a deadlock with a high-level.

A high-security deadlock, such as the L4V hook Lock –, is designed to provide flexibility to the operator as well as additional security when needed. The Slamlock locks automatically when the door is closed and is only opened with the right high security keys. An alternative L4V Anti-Peel Kit may be purchased to prevent the side load door from peeling away. The L4V Hook Lock is fitted to the top of the side door hook lock to load.

The L4V Hook Lock, hook lock a mechanical deadlock that functions independently from the VN5 locking system, is known as the L4V Hook Lock. It is activated with an external high-security key controlled by the driver. It can be installed to the cabin door, side load door, or the rear load door. It’s perfect to ensure regular, safe cargo access. It’s also great for vans with drivers that need to be able to count on security for their cargo.

It can be installed to all doors.

The L4V Hook Lock operates independently of the VN5 locking system, van hook locks fitted offering an additional mechanical deadlock that is operated by a driver-controlled external key that is high-security. It can be attached to all doors including the rear load door, sideload doors and the cabin. It is designed to allow for regular access to cargo that is secure including the cabin. It protects the vehicle from drivers forgetting to secure the cargo doors.

The L4V Hook Lock is fitted to every door and has an impressive visual deterrent. The lock is secure gold standard approved and provides greater security when required. All doors in the L4V range are able to have hook locks made of L4V. They are simple to install, and they are compatible with different van models. They are available in a variety of styles to fit every vehicle.

The L4V Hook Lock, a van security solution, is able to be secured to the cab, back door and side doors. The device is separate from the locking system in the vehicle, unlike other locks. This unique design allows the hook and the hook to be attached to the highest point of a door without the need to remove metal from the structural components. It is designed to prevent forced entry by employing the ‘peel-and-steal’ method for entry. The L4V hook deadlocks for vans Lock features key matching services.

It is possible to fit it to the Ford Custom

The L4V hook lock protects doors that load sideways on Ford Customs. These hook locks are available in both low and high-level versions. L4V hook locks are anti-peel plate that can prevent peeling off of doors and offer an additional layer of protection. This product was specifically created to stop door peeling and can be installed in an upper position on the side load door.

The L4V hook lock is a “thatcham approved’ locking system for the Ford Custom. This lock can be used as an effective visual deterrent as well as an effective security measure. Each lock is keyed identically which means it can only fit one vehicle. To prevent damage or theft make sure you select the door and vehicle options when installing the L4V hook lock.

Hook Locks are the most well-known kind of van security upgrade. These mechanical deadlocks are inserted into the bodywork’s receiving keep. They provide excellent protection against door spreading, and operate independently of the locking system used by the manufacturer of the van. High-security keys can be used to secure the hook lock. The keys won’t unlock the other locks on the vehicle in the event that the locking system of the manufacturer is compromised. They will not open the door, which makes them the perfect solution for van security.

It is attached to the VW Transporter

An L4V Hook lock is a mechanical deadlock which is independent of the vehicle’s VN5 security system. It locks the hook bolt to the opposite body section with an extremely secure key. The lock is designed to allow regular and secure cargo access and protects the driver from not locking the cargo doors. The lock is installed on all doors, including the side and cabin doors.

This locking system is recommended to all sliding doors, especially side load doors. To minimize the risk of peeling the door, this lock comes with an Anti-Peel Kit. The Anti-Peel kit can be used in both the high and low positions. It is most effective when utilized in combination with an L4V Hook Lock. The Anti-Peel kit can be applied to both O/S as well as sliding doors with N/S.

L4V developed a range of security products for the VW Transporter to keep vans secure. They offer unparalleled flexibility. As such, security solutions need to be tailored to the specific vehicle. L4V hook lock is designed to provide an individual solution to each VN5 van. Dual-locking with a key control ensures that only the right key can be used to unlock the van.

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