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The debate of the ages Charcoal Grills vs Gas Grills

Everyone has their own opinions about charcoal grilling and gas grilling.iStock Image What kind of grill is the best? What is the best grill to create amazing grilling recipes? Instead of deciding which one option to make for your next barbecue, we’ve rounded up the pros and cons of both gas and charcoal grills so you can make a well-informed decision for which is the best option for your summer. According to some dedicated barbecue fans, the only method of grilling is using charcoal. Charcoal provides your food with an intense, smokey taste that even a smoker box can’t match. Find out how you can use charcoal grills. Typically, charcoal grills reach an elevated temperature than gas grills. Grills must reach a temperature of at least 600 degrees Fahrenheit to create an excellent sear on your meat. This is not a problem for kettle grills that are stocked with hot red charcoals since it can reach up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. While there are gas grills with higher temperatures, they’re typically priced higher. They give that delicious, smoky flavor. Ever wonder how charcoal grills provide so much flavor? It turns out that charcoal grills have more flavor due to the fact that they utilize higher temperatures. If the drippings of your meat, chicken or veggies fall on the hot coals, they turn into flavor-packed steam and smoke that goes right back into the meat. This results in the unique flavor of charcoal grilling. These grills are much easier to budget. A basic charcoal grill can be purchased for around $25, while a moderately priced model could be purchased for $150. Of course, the more expensive models are more expensive however, charcoal grills are far cheaper than gas grills which usually cost between $130 and $300. It takes longer for charcoal grills to heat up. Charcoal grills, on average, take about 15-20 minutes to attain the correct temperature for cooking (not not counting the time that it takes to light the charcoal) while gas grills will instantly ignite and take about 10 minutes to reach cooking temperatures. There are several ways to begin charcoal grills, too. Fuel cost adds up. A 20-pound propane cylinder will provide about 25 days of cooking time, whereas a 20-pound bag of charcoal will yield three grilling sessions. You can also change the taste of food by choosing the kind of charcoal you choose to use. A 20-pound box of clean-burning lumber coal could cost you $35-40. It’s more difficult to clean. A charcoal grill needs to be empty of all its ashes before it can again be scrubbed clean. This is contrary to a gas-fired grill, which is merely a quick brush scrub. Cleaning tips for Webtreasure hunter grills are also important. The Weber’s Original Kettle Charcoal Grill ($109) is our most-loved charcoal grill. It offers the highest longevity and temperature control. There’s no denying how convenient gas grills are with regards to start-up and temperature control, but this convenience comes at costs. They’re healthier for you and the environment. It’s been proven scientifically! The Healthy recommends that you cook with a gas-powered grill to protect your well-being. Why? The gas-grilled meats are not as carcinogenic than meats cooked in charcoal. In terms of the environmental impact, it has been determined that gas grills’ carbon footprint is about one-third of charcoal grills carbon footprint. The control of temperature and quick starting are both possible. Simply press the ignition button and spin of the dial, your gas grill will come to life. You can start grilling immediately following a quick heating. You can change from low heat for bone-in chicken to high heat for steak or kebobs without worrying about the hot coals. Versatility. Gas grills are versatile. you can easily cook delicate meals such as vegetables and fruit without the anxiety of overwhelming the food with the smokey flavor associated with charcoal grilling. Catherine Ward, Taste of Home’s Kitchen Manager for Prep, recommends using gas grills for shellfish and seafood because it still has that great grilling flavor, but without the added smoke. Smoke can add flavor to your gas grill by purchasing smoking boxes ($21). You can also discover these tricks for making your grill a smoker. It takes time to put it together. Comparatively to charcoal grills that is set up quickly and a gas model that is mid-range is more difficult to assemble and hook up to the propane tank. Safety. While there are safety measures that you must follow when performing any kind of cooking, you need to be extra cautious when cooking with a gas grill. Make sure your propane tank is attached without leaks, the grill is 10 feet away from the home and deck , and that the grill is not soiled. Are you not sure how to clean your grill? Use this checklist for grill cleaning that will keep your grill looking new! Portability. Though travel-sized gas grills are available, it would be much too difficult, and dangerous, to drag a huge gas grill from the beach or park. Best Gas Grill: Our Test Kitchen staff suggests the Weber Genesis II E-335 Gas Grill ($950) for its long-lasting durability and top-of-the-line grilling power. Both gas and charcoal grills have their pro and cons, but only you can choose which will best suit your family and lifestyle. With the variety of delicious grilling options to prepare this summer, you can’t choose between the two.

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