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Mum turns asks for help after daughter drew on her new leather wallet

A mother has turned to the internet for help after her young daughter scribbled ‘mum’ and love hearts on her brand new leather purse.

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The woman, from , explained how her little girl decided to personalise her nude-colour wallet with an ink pen.

‘My daughter tried to help me in case I lost my purse.I gasped when I saw it – she heard me and started to cry and said “don’t you like my drawing?”‘ the mum wrote in a Facebook group.

‘She was devastated when [she noticed] I wasn’t in love with her writing. I didn’t even raise my voice.I realised she’d just watch me label all her school stuff, I guess she thought she would label mine.’

A mother has turned to the internet for cleaning tips after her young daughter scribbled ‘mum’ and love hearts on her brand new leather purse

The mother then asked for advice on how to remove it.

‘Any ideas how to get it out of leather?I’ve tried sanitiser, but that took the colour, oomph… metho [methylated spirit] – it has lightened it, but any ideas to completely remove please?’ she asked.

Many suggested using hairspray, eucalyptus, magic erasers, leather cleaner or cleaning paste Gumption and a damp cloth.

‘Hairspray, leave it for 30 seconds then wipe it off.I got it off a leather handbag,’ one wrote, while another said: ‘Tea tree oil will do the trick – I have seen it work wonders getting biro off a white leather armchair.’

Another mum shared pictures of her Michael Kors wallet after her daughter wrote: ‘Mum’, ‘Please don’t touch’ and ‘I love you’

Dozens suggested she should keep the ‘adorable’ drawing as a ‘keepsake’ because it makes her wallet a one-of-a-kind.

‘I’ll leave it, it’s very beautiful and w3schools html adorable.It’s one-of-a-kind bag that no one can buy of the shelves,’ one mother write, while another added: ‘I’d frame it and put it on the wall. You only get those messages for so long. You’ll treasure it one day. Priceless.’

One mum said: ‘I’d just rock the mum do over.P.S I would of been shattered but still rock it. My girl did this to my Mimco overnight bag and it’s still there but it isn’t mum. It’s more of a lop sided love heart and a half dead flower.’

Another suggested: ‘I’d treasure this. Can always buy a new handbag but can’t buy a child’s expression of love,’ while one mum joked: ‘Put the whole child in the bin.’ 

In a follow up post, the mother said she decided to keep the drawing as a keepsake.

And she wasn’t the only parent to have their kid draw on their wallet.

‘Looks like your daughter and mine could become friends,’ one mum said, along with two pictures of her Michael Kors wallet covered in messages her daughter left, including ‘Mum’, ‘Please don’t touch’ and ‘I love you’, along with love hearts.

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