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Find out more about Pressure Cooking and How It Works to create the perfect meal

What Is Pressure Cooking and how does it work? You’ve probably heard of the Instant Pot. There are a variety of Instant Pot models and numerous Facebook groups that are dedicated to Instant Pot cooking. Before electric pressure cookers, stovetop pressure cookers existed. Both have their merits and here, we’ll go over some of the fundamentals of cooking pressure, regardless of the kind of pressure cooker you’re into. What is the definition of a pressure cooker? What is a Pressure Cooker? What is it that it can do for you? Continue reading to find out the answer. What exactly is a pressure cooker and what exactly does it do? Steam pressure is the main feature of a pressure cooker. A pot that is sealed, and with tons of steam creates high pressure and allows food to cook faster. What year was it that the pressure cooker first invented? It was developed in the 1600s by an Frenchman by Denis Papin, who wanted to translate new discoveries in physics regarding steam and pressure into cooking. The pot was dubbed the “Digester” but it took some time before modern techniques of manufacturing and technology made these cookers safe. How does a pressure cooker function? Pressure cookers are pot which is sealed with a valve in order to regulate the pressure of steam. When the pot is heated the liquid inside turns into steam, which elevates the pressure in the pot. When cooking wet food, such as stews or steamed vegetables, the heat of your cooking is limited to boiling water’s temperature (212degF). However, thanks to the steam’s pressure now the boiling point can go as high as 250degF. This higher heat helps the food to cook faster. The pressure cooker helps push water and moisture into food faster and allows food to cook faster and makes certain food items like hard meat soft. In a pressure cooker the high heat encourages browning and caramelization in a manner that’s quite surprising. Foods aren’t used to brown in liquid. The flavor that is made by a pressure cook can be more complex than steaming food. To see a more detailed look at the action of a pressure cooker, check out this article by Modernist Cuisine. It is possible to cook nearly everything in a pressure cooker. It is possible to cook virtually everything you want in the pressure cooker! It cooks rice in just a few minutes and beans and chickpeas takes less than a half hour. It’s great for food which requires tenderization like roasts and braised meats. It can also be used to cook a variety of other dishes including eggs that are soft or hard-boiled. It is however used extensively around the globe to cook beans and pulses stews, vegetables, and beans. The tricky thing about pressure cooking? It’s an entirely new way of cooking, with its own language and weber cast iron grate procedures. Pressure cookers usually require the user to wait for it to get heated before adding the food. Then put the food in the pressure cooker, cover it with the lid and let the cooker to cook your food for a specified amount of time at a particular pressure level. The instincts of a chef don’t always work. You’re able to cook potatoes cook meat, brown it and saute. However, a pressure cooker is closed – meaning you can’t touch or taste the food while it’s cooking. The success of pressure cooking is based on a new bank of knowledge that we all need to learn. Pressure cookers are great device. But is it really worth it? It’s definitely worth it, I think. The pressure cooker is highly efficient. It uses less energy than many other appliancesbecause it cooks at a rapid pace and leverages the pressure powers of steam. The flavors of the spices which infused the lamb’s meat made it tender and fall apart. I also made chickpeas from scratch in 45 minutes, and spiced rice in 6 minutes. Today, thanks to electronic pressure cookers like the Instant Pot, pressure cooking is even more simple. Pressure cookers have safety features that eliminate many of your concerns regarding cooking with pressure. They also come with presets for beans, rice, and broth, which means you don’t have to guess or look through the manual for how long to cook things. Electric and stovetop pressure cookers ought to be called fast cookers . They’re great devices that are great for cooking various dishes in the kitchen. Do you have any questions about pressure cookers? Post them in the comments below! Get the Kitchn Daily in your inbox. Faith is Editor-in-Chief for Kitchn and the author of three cookbooks including The Kitchn Cookbook, which was awarded the James Beard Award. She lives with her husband in Columbus, Ohio and their two daughters.

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