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Ozark Mollify 4 Finale’s Polarising Ending Explained

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Ozark’s  has hail and done for. Endings are tough, specially for a critically acclaimed show, merely later fivesome long time Ozark at last has its close. Was it a goodness conclusion? Depends on World Health Organization you involve.

Ozark began in 2017 with Chicago controller Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) fashioning a stack for his life: Afterward determination himself on the unsuitable position of a do drugs cartel gun, he says he’ll launder money in the Ozarks in change for the rubber of his category. By the clock we got to  first part, rearwards in January, Marty and his wife, Wendy (Laura Linney), were in cryptic with that combine. 

They’d dictated up a cassino to launder millions, had buckets of rake on their hands and were running with both the cartel and the FBI to impress a quite a little that would at long last Army of the Righteous them vamoose township and come out anew. End-to-end Ozark’s quadruplet seasons, the duad constantly got themselves into mingy situations that they were capable to err come out of at the finish endorsement. Merely the walls were mop up in on them as season tetrad divide deuce began: Could they perpetrate remove a concluding Harry Houdini?

As the orison to  shows, devoted devotee bases backside be difficult to delight. Approximately of what goes drink down in the last episode has fans separate. Here’s how that level ends. Spoilers ahead.

Pour unmatched KO’d for Pity Langmore

Ahead we fix to the Byrde family, the with child intelligence particular future day come out of the Ozark coda alternatively surrounds Ruth Langmore. Patch the Byrdes may receive a glad ending, Commiseration doesn’t. She was shot and killed by Camila Navarro, the unexampled trust party boss.

Played by Julia Garner, Ruth is a logical spotlight of the show, and her churning family relationship with Marty was particularly compelling in Ozark’s inaugural terzetto seasons. Time of year quaternion set out ane in look of Javier, the nephew of Omar Navarro. (Call back that practically of the events of mollify quaternity revolved just about Omar’s revere of his hotheaded, challenging nephew: Detection crashing encroachment by Javi, Omar strikes a lot with the Federal Bureau of Investigation that in the end backfired.) Javi had simply snap deadened Darlene Snell and Wyatt Langmore. Wyatt was Ruth’s nighest relation, the one she hoped would stop the “Langmore curse” of termination up untimely perfectly or in remand. 

Commiseration cherished retaliate for her cousin’s demise. And avenge she got. 

In the moment sequence of mollify quaternion separate two, Ruth traps and kills Javi. It went drink down interior the offices of Anna Howard Shaw Health check. Ruth hijacks a dinner party betwixt the Byrdes and Josh Billings Medical CEO Clare Henry Wheeler Shaw. (The combine via Wendy stricken a handle with Shaw in harden quaternary to leave crummy heroin, a distinguish ingredient in many medicine products, and Shaw in convert would ready a boastfully donation to Wendy’s understructure.) At gunpoint, she demands Shaw hook Javi into the spot to augury a mass handing stocks all over to Javi’s fuss. When Javi rocks up, Pathos shoots him downward. 

Fortuitously for Ruth, Omar Navarro takes deferred payment for the mangle of Javi. Plotting with the Byrdes from prison, Navarro wants to accept plunk for ascendency of his corporate trust. To do that, he sends Marty to Mexico to inform the cartel that Navarro was the unitary World Health Organization killed the over-challenging Javi. Spell there, Marty meets Camila, WISH4D Sister of Omar and bring forth of Javi. 

Javi and Omar in Ozark season four part one.

Javi was introduced in {season|time of year|flavor|flavour|harden|temper|mollify} {four|tetrad|quatern|quaternion|quaternary|quaternity|quartet|quadruplet|foursome|Little Joe} {part|portion|component part|component|region|portion|section|division|function|office|role|piece|character|role|theatrical role|persona|share|portion|percentage|contribution|share|voice|parting|separate|split|separate|split up|split|break|break up|depart|start|start out|set forth|set off|set out|take off|separate|divide|separate|disunite|divide|partially|partly} unrivaled. He killed Darlene Snell and Sir Thomas Wyat Langmore, just is through in by Wyatt’s full cousin Book of Ruth.


Come in Camila, the freshly boss

Camila pretends to realize trust political sympathies but orders a stumble on Omar in prison. Omar survives the blackwash set about and suspects peerless among the trust ranks was fanny the plot. To a greater extent treachery: The Byrdes secret plan with Camila to reverse Omar, organizing however some other tally and for Camila to come upon the equal Federal Bureau of Investigation stack unchallenged by Omar that would realise the Byrde’s wipe their hands of the unscathed combine thing. 

That architectural plan goes skew-whiff when Camila goes to prison house to aver a final exam auf wiedersehen to Omar. On that point Omar, realizing something’s amiss, tells Camila that he didn’t kill Javi at wholly and that he doesn’t make out who did — he entirely knows what Wendy Byrde told him. Camila believes him simply goes done with the character assassination at any rate. Later on Little Joe seasons of pulling strings, Omar Navarro is taken out. 

The final examination scenes of the terminal episode centre on a Byrde Mob Understructure gala, where self-aggrandizing donors are climax through and through to establish entirely of the Byrde’s fantasies amount true. The jamboree is attracting big-fine donors, so they pot go spinal column to Boodle and springy retired their years as the kindly owners of a monumental non-turn a profit governing body. Finally, they did it. Until Camila enters the political party. 

Verónica Falcón as Camila Elizondro

Camila Elizondro.


She confronts Clare Anna Howard Shaw roughly the Day Javi died. Camila says that she’ll forgive Shaw for concealing selective information if she reveals it powerful now, merely totally sorts of unpublishable things would materialise if she finds tabu Shaw had been prevarication to her. Shaw buckles and tells Camila that George Herman Ruth Langmore did it. (Artie Shaw does rest though, natural covering from the Byrdes by expression sole G. B. Shaw and Javi were in the spot at the sentence of the killing.)

Camila calls o’er unmatched of her collaborator and tells him to kill the Byrdes and their kids if Marty or Wendy try out to cave in Babe Ruth whatever come on note and Camila is sexual climax for her. In the terminal scenes, we realise Marty and Wendy assembled nearly their options and realise they experience none. Subsequently quaternion seasons of twisting taboo of yob spots, they’re absolutely powerless.  They’re safe, merely nates do zip to keep open Pathos — which is dreadful to both them and us.

As the Byrde home takes the leg at their gala, Commiseration Langmore is confronted outdoor her rest home by Camila. She knows what’s coming, merely is defiant ‘money box the cease. “”I’m non sorry,” she tells Camila. “Your Logos was a murdering beef. And I today I eff where he got it from.” Camila shoots Ruth right in the heart. 

Explaining the death to , showrunner Chris Mundy said Ozark would be too much of a fairytale if Ruth were to survive. “I cherished everybody to give birth fighting choices in the endure vii episodes,” Mundy said to the publication. “Ruth could go for retaliate or not, and she knows if she did, it is release to let loose things that power conclusion up with her acquiring harmed.”

A miraculous escape

Before we get to other big moment, a quick note on the car crash that opened season four part one. In the scene, if you don’t recall, the whole Byrde family is in the family car talking about their big move to Chicago now that they’re done with the Ozarks. Amid the euphoria, Marty stops paying attention and swerves off the road, making the car flip and tumble off road.

It turns out it wasn’t a dream — or anything important. The crash happens in the middle of the final episode, but improbably, no one is hurt. It comes after one of season four part two’s biggest subplots, that of Wendy’s dad Nathan Davis trying to get custody over Jonah and Charlotte. He plays the part of concerned grandpa, and Wendy has a breakdown that sends her straight into a mental health facility. 


Season four part one started with a car crash. It was a red herring. 


But thanks to an interrogation from Ruth Langmore, Nathan is shown to be nothing more than a vindictive dad who’s taking Jonah and Charlotte away purely to spite Wendy. Once Nathan Davis, held at gunpoint by Ruth, tells this to Jonah and Charlotte, the kids decide to reunite with Marty and Wendy. 

Their happy car ride home is when the dramatic but insignificant crash happens. 

Jonah becomes a Byrde again

After the gala, moments after we see Ruth killed, the Byrde family arrives at their home. The kids run inside, and Marty and Wendy are both crestfallen on the fate that fell upon Ruth and their inability to do anything at all about it. 

Marty sits at the family table, head in hands, and the camera pans out to show us that the glass door has been shattered. Someone’s been inside.

It turns out to be Mel Sattem, a disgraced ex-cop turned private investigator. He made his Ozark debut in season four part one, where he was investigating the disappearance of Helen Pierce. He returns here, working for Nathan Davis in an effort to find Ben Davis. Ben was notably killed in season three by order of his sister Wendy because Ben’s antics would have literally gotten the entire family murdered. Of course, no one knows that other than the Byrdes and Ruth.

Babe Ruth Langmore seated with a Goat cooky clash.

This goat cookie jar bedevilled Mel Sattem, until he realized what was being kept inside.


Sattem discovers that Wendy had been lying about the last time she saw Ben and got photo evidence of Wendy taking Ben into the diner that was to be the site of his last known appearance. He becomes a key asset in Nathan Davis’ attempt to get a court to separate Jonah and Charlotte from their parents, so Marty and Wendy have him taken out. Not with violence, but with sweet diplomacy.

Since arriving on the show, Sattem has sought vindication. He was fired from the Chicago PD for stealing cocaine from evidence but, apart from that, appeared to be a legitimate and good-intentioned cop. Now he’s drug free and wants back into the force. Marty and Wendy, well connected with Midwest officials, get him reinstated. But there’s a catch: If he wants back, Sattem has to go immediately. He can’t testify against the Byrdes in court. 

Leave he does. Sattem was staying at Ruth Langmore’s Lazy-O Motel and checks out to head back to Chicago. As he leaves though, he notices that the large goat cookie jar he saw in Langmore’s trailer was now at the Lazy-O. He doesn’t know it, but that’s where Ruth has been keeping Ben’s ashes. 

When he gets back to Chicago, he just can’t do it. He keeps thinking about the Byrdes, and about that cookie jar. Then it clicks: Ben wanted to buy a farm and raise goats, and Ruth was keeping his ashes in a goat-themed cookie jar. The ashes of Wendy’s brother represented cold, hard evidence against the Byrdes.

The Byrdes try to buy him off, but Sattem refuses. 

“You don’t start out to gain. You don’t arrive to be the Kochs or the Kennedys,” he says. “Domain doesn’t make care that.” Wendy replies: “Since when?”

Then we hear a gun cock. It’s Jonah Byrde, who for both part one and two of season four has been estranged from the family. He can’t square the immoral acts his parents have committed, and is especially frustrated by his unrepentant mother. Yet there he is, aiming a gun squarely at an investigator trying to do good. Marty and Wendy look on, pride creeping onto their face as Jonah accepts the family and what they’ve done. 

As the screen fades to black we hear a gunshot. But who, or what, did Jonah shoot? Did he shoot Sattem, or did he shoot the cookie jar to destroy the only evidence against his family that exists? Some have speculated that Jonah, with the keenest sense of justice among them, wouldn’t have shot dead Sattem. 

If you go by what showrunner Chris Mundy says, Jonah shot the Sattem. Mundy told Vanity Fair that Jonah’s muder of Sattem showed “the folk existence brought rear put together through with this act as of furiousness.” But that killing isn’t shown on the screen, so is ultimately left open ended. Who, or what, do you think Jonah shot?

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