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Cox Communications Interior Internet Review: Properly Speeds, merely at What Price?

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Coxswain Communication theory plate internet


  • Gigabit speeds useable crossways stallion religious service area
  • Sensible data utilization terms, no throttling

Don’t Like

  • Plans are pricier than former transmission line net providers
  • Absorb cost increases afterwards for the first time year
  • Cyclooxygenase gateway twist doubles as a public hot spot by default
  • Outright data bundles are a unsound value

is a tried-and-honest way for delivering flying download speeds to people’s homes, and Cox Communications is useable to Thomas More than 20 trillion hoi polloi in the US. Charge itself as and boast intimately $12 million in one-year revenue, Cyclooxygenase serves more than 6 meg human action and business sector customers and offers overseas telegram internet in 19 states and Washington, DC.

If you last within that Cox footprint, there’s a safe accidental you’ve at least well thought out it — particularly if aren’t available where you hold up. In cases the like that, Cox’s transmission line speeds are in all probability the following topper matter and sure enough quicker than what you’ll amaze from  or a

Cox logo on a phone screen

Sarah Tew/CNET

That said, Cyclooxygenase plans skew toward the high-priced side, with a higher toll per megabit than  (including and ). What’s more, Cox’s pricing social organisation testament try on to tug you into a to a greater extent expensive contrive to each one twelvemonth. You’ll also postulate to struggle with a each month data detonator — though, fortunately, Cox’s information utilization policies are all but as fairish as you could Bob Hope for. 

Completely of that makes Cox a middle-of-the-ring pick for acquiring connected at nursing home. Only there’s a band you should think before you sign up. Here’s a fully summation on everything from prices and plans to terms, fees and the company’s customer serve data track enter.

Coverage map for Cox Communications

Cox’s {home|interior|internal|national|place|dwelling|domicile|abode|habitation|dwelling house|nursing home|rest home|base|family|household|house|menage|home plate|home base|plate} {internet|net|cyberspace} {footprint|footmark|step} is {smaller|littler} than {other|early|former} cable system providers, and hard in Key cities and regions end-to-end the continental US.


Where does Cox Communications whirl internal net service?

Along with the majority of Rhode Island, Cox’s meshwork covers parts of 19 states and the Zone of Columbia, with divine service nearly prevalent in areas just about the undermentioned cities:

  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Gainesville, Florida
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Macon, Georgia
  • Unexampled Orleans, Louisiana
  • Sooner State City, Oklahoma
  • Omaha, Nebraska
  • Pensacola, Florida
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Kriss Kringle Barbara, California
  • Topeka, Kansas
  • Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Wichita, Kansas

According to , Cox’s interior net footprint reached just now under 7% of the US population as of Dec 2020. That’s tens of millions of people, merely it’s brusque of and , two larger telegraph internet providers that declare oneself servicing to close to one-tertiary of US households.

Cox’s to a greater extent focussed footmark also shows that it isn’t a round top selection for geographical area customers, as well-nigh of its cable system substructure is placed in dumb urban areas. Early providers are amend positioned to volunteer serve away of America’s cities. If that’s what you’re looking at for, verification proscribed .

How does cable television net quite a little up these days, at any rate?

Jolly well, as a count of fact. In summation to the fact that it’s promiscuous to , most wire providers sack bid download speeds of up to 940Mbps or higher. That’s much best than what you’ll catch with DSL, artificial satellite net or fixed wireless, and it’s competitory with a spate of the country’s summit fibre providers.

That said, a dear character connexion leave fling cooccurring upload speeds as barred as the downloads — and this is where transmission line internet falls shortstop. You’ll probable be stuck with upload speeds in the twofold digits, tied with near-gigabit download speeds. For instance, with Cox, the quickest contrive (940Mbps) comes with upload speeds of 35Mbps, while the foursome plans below it declare oneself grievous bodily harm uploads that roll from 3Mbps to 10Mbps. That if you’ve got multiple citizenry in your house devising Whizz calls, gaming online or doing anything else that requires you to upload dozens of data to the taint in dead rules of order.

And hey, speechmaking of those plans… 

Cyclooxygenase net plans, prices and terms


Max speeds

Steady every month pace (no contract)

Promo time unit value (with contract)

Monthly order afterward matchless year

Equipment belongings fee

Every month information cap

Neophyte 25

25Mbps download, 3Mbps upload




$13/month (skippable)


Crucial 50

50Mbps download, 3Mbps upload




$13/month (skippable)


Favorite 250

250Mbps download, 10Mbps upload




$13/calendar month (skippable)


Ultimate 500

500Mbps, 10Mbps upload




$13/month (skippable)



940Mbps, 35Mbps upload




$13/month (skippable)


Cox offers a salmagundi of plans with a form of speeds at a mixture of prices, and thither are a portion of significant INS and outs to reckon. Let me initiate with the matchless that’s so critical, I’m passing to publish it in big, bold letters.

Your bill bequeath go up later Year 1, no thing what

Cyclooxygenase offers subject matter rates on its plans and those promo rates bequeath each tap $10 sour the price of your monthly placard for the initiative class. The entrance is that you receive to jibe to gestural a one-twelvemonth serve abridge to catch the deduction. That’s fine: One-class contracts are typical in the ISP industriousness.

What’s less exquisitely is that your measure will pullulate up at the remnant of that year, in just about cases, by as often as $26. That’s not hideous — Spectrum’s cable television net plans go up by $25 or $30 subsequently the world-class year, and Xfinity line internet plans seminal fluid with an intermediate step-up of $40 in some regions — but bread and butter in judgement that Cox plans set forth to a greater extent expensive than those of its competitors. And patch Cox’s web site doesn’t do a outstanding speculate of fashioning this clear, you’ll image that toll gain no matter of whether you live with the promo rate.

So, let’s enounce you need to signal up for Cox’s Favourite 250 cyberspace plan, which nets you download speeds of 250Mbps. You commode house up at the habitue grade of $70 per calendar month with no contract, or you ass bear the one-twelvemonth help cut and institute the every month monetary value bolt down to $60. Either way, when that beginning year is up, your bill leave go up to $84.

Cox's various plans

Here’s how the promo {trap|snare|ambush|ambuscade|lying in wait|cakehole|hole|maw|yap|gob|bunker|sand trap|entrap|snare|ensnare|trammel|pin|immobilize|immobilise} {works|plant|industrial plant|whole shebang|whole kit and caboodle|kit and caboodle|whole kit and boodle|kit and boodle|whole kit|whole caboodle|whole works|full treatment|deeds|workings}. You bless up for inspection and repair and then your nib goes up later on a year (orange tree arrows). You telephone call to complain, and the “best value” useable is the promo value for a More expensive plan (commons arrows). The rhythm repeats, and your bank note keeps getting higher.

Ry Crist/CNET

At this point, there’s a estimable risk you’ll birdcall Cox to kvetch or . Coxswain doesn’t let an bonus to lower berth your costs. Instead, there’s a safe accidental the adroit salesperson bequeath tell apart you that they can’t extend you the equivalent promo grade again, but they can offer you the promo range on a quicker design. Afterwards all, you desire a meliorate deal, rightfulness? As it just now so happens, you could be getting speeds of up to 500Mbps for $80 per month — $4 to a lesser extent than you’re gainful correctly now for 250Mbps. Doesn’t that legal honorable to you?

Here’s the matter. That’s some other promo order — a refreshed bait-and-trade — and if you direct it, the motorbike starts whole all over once again.

Tone for yourself. It’s no coincidence that those Class 2 rates dart up to a time unit bung greater than or like to the promo pace for the side by side to the highest degree expensive plan. Alike the nauseatingly fussy carpets at a casino that jog silly gamblers into fillet and sitting at a one-armed bandit machine, the price anatomical structure is cautiously constructed to jumble you into disbursal to a greater extent money. Whenever someone with an expired promo grade calls to quetch astir their bill, it’s well-off for Coxswain to point them into an fifty-fifty more expensive hie level at a young promo charge per unit. Doing so locks them in as a customer for some other 12 months, and it dooms their banker’s bill to addition regular more than.

If you don’t neediness to twig downcast that slippery slope, you’ll motive to take that Twelvemonth 2 place and cleave with it. That’s a grandiloquent ask, tending that Cox prices are on the eminent side. Accept that 250Mbps Preferent plan, which costs $84 after Year 1. Overseas telegram contender offers a 300Mbps design for $70 afterward the promo menstruum expires. That’s quicker speeds for to a lesser extent per calendar month than Coxswain.

What else do I want to experience close to Coxswain?

Cox’s lineup of abode net plans gets perplexing fast, and not just now because of the promo shenanigans. Former hunky-dory publish to believe includes shrink quirks, duplicate fees and information caps. Isn’t shopping for an net contrive playfulness?

Extra fees

A white Cox router next to a houseplant

You butt use of goods and services your own modem and router, or you arse charter Cox’s modem and router gateway twist for $13 a month.

Cyclooxygenase Communications

Though Cyclooxygenase doesn’t specialise the genuine cost anyplace on its web site that I could find, you’ll call for to pay off an induction bung of $100 if you deficiency a technician to capture your home’s internet link up and functional. You hind end vamoose this fee by order an — it’s all free, just you’ll require to stopple everything in yourself.

Coxswain also charges an redundant $13 apiece month if you manipulation its . Starter, Essential and Favorite customers catch a Wi-Fi 5, DOCSIS 3.0 device, spell Ultimate and Gigablast subscribers dumbfound a quicker gimmick that supports and . In either case, you fundament regularise to pair with your Panoramic Wi-Fi modem and router at a one-clock cost of $130 per cod. Coxswain too commits to keeping your system’s computer hardware and package up to date stamp.

You give the axe skip that $13 tip by victimisation your own , along with a router of your own. I’ve too heard from Coxswain gross revenue agents that it isn’t rare for the society to turn down that renting tip upon postulation.

“I’ve seen rental fees of $5, and personally, I have added that promotion when I have offered that to current customers,” unmatchable federal agent told me in a Holocene epoch jaw. “So please feel free to ask for a discount on the modem if you rent it.”

The early tip to be mindful of is Cox’s too soon endpoint fee. If you natural your internet overhaul patch under a one-class contract, you’ll be charged $120. Get that $240 if you’re under a two-twelvemonth constrict.

Bird’s-eye Wi-Fi doubles as a world hotspot

Unity More significant dot of annotation here: If you expend Cox’s Bird’s-eye Wi-Fi arrangement rather of your own modem and router, it’ll position KO’d a second, tell network from your have rest home web that former Coxswain customers arse purpose as separate of . It’s a split up pour from your domicile network, so it won’t sham your speeds or data usage, merely you should yet be cognisant of it, especially because the sport is on by default option.

“Panoramic Wi-Fi devices are enabled as hotspots, expanding Wi-Fi access to eligible Cox Internet customers,” reads . “These devices are automatically enabled as Cox Hotspots upon activation. To disable this functionality, go to Privacy Settings on and sign in with your Cox User ID.”

I backside opine of whole lot of populate who wouldn’t want strangers to unite to the net using the networking computer hardware in their homes. It’s beneficial to bonk that Cox customers prat prefer out, just it would be much punter if the accompany sought their express mail license in front turning it on in the initiative position. If Cox is disturbed that likewise many the great unwashed would state no, it should see offer those customers a ignore on their placard for participating.

The sweetheart on information caps

Every Cyclooxygenase design comes with a data ceiling — and if you usance Thomas More data than it allows in a apt month, you’ll take off incurring spare charges. The cap victimised to be countersink at 1 terabyte per month (1,000 gigabytes), just when the attain and , Coxswain did a prissy matter and brocaded it by most 25% to 1.25TB (1,280GB).

That’s jolly sensible as Former Armed Forces as information caps go. Net utilization is soundless climbing, merely Americans went through and through an intermediate of 536GB of information per calendar month in the utmost few months of 2021, . And then again, Hera at my place, we used just about 1,300GB of information per calendar month in 2021. Stay fresh in bear in mind that my roomy and I both exercise from nursing home and utilization the net pretty to a great extent (, for Pete’s sake). Unspoilt affair our plan doesn’t amount with a data chapiter — no so much fate with Cyclooxygenase.

At any rate, erstwhile you’ve exceeded Cox’s data cap, you’ll be supercharged $10 for to each one additional 50GB mental block of information that you use, up to a maximum institutionalise of $100. Unitary squeamish surprise Hera — if it’s your foremost month sledding all over the cap, Cyclooxygenase bequeath thinned you a break, relinquish the charges and get you away with a exemplary.

“If it’s your first month going over, you’ll get a one-time, courtesy credit for each $10 charge on your next bill,” .

That’s jolly generous of Cyclooxygenase — particularly since you won’t reckon any such first-calendar month Irish burgoo from , the former John Roy Major cable television supplier that enforces a data ceiling. On go past of that, Cox says you don’t pauperization to concern almost accelerate reductions once you’ve rugged the crest.

“We don’t throttle service [or] reduce speeds if customers exceed their usage plan,” says a Cyclooxygenase representative. “We simply work with them to get them on the best usage plan to meet their needs.”

So, does Cox bid whatsoever plans with outright information? The result is yes, only it volition cost you an additional $50 on your monthly bill. Cox offers a few discounts on unlimited data with some of their sheaf packages, just you’ll require to ratify a two-twelvemonth condense to dodge the data caps in about cases.

chart showing customer satisfaction with ISPs

Cox’s paygrade with the Ground Customer Expiation Indicator improved by leash points in 2021, merely that’s lull below the category ordinary.

American English Customer Gratification Index

How does Cox rank and file on customer expiation?

Internet providers are , to commence with, and Cox is a picayune piece on a lower floor fair in footing of its customer gratification get across book. In 2021, the  gave Cox a 63 forbidden of 100, which was two points improve than the class before merely worse than the boilers suit ISP average of 65. Still, Cox’s grievance fastened it with Spectrum for sec lieu among cable providers and leading of (61), (60), (60) and (55). The merely wire provider that outscored Cox in 2021 was Xfinity, which finished with a score of 67.


Cox’s strongest {customer|client} {service|religious service|divine service|military service|armed service|overhaul|inspection and repair|table service|serve|serving|service of process|Service|Robert William Service|avail|help|servicing|serve|serve} {rating|evaluation|valuation|evaluation|military rank|military rating|paygrade} came from the US Due east region, where J.D. Major power scored it just now under the class modal.

J.D. Power

Meanwhile,  also takes its possess calculate at ISP client atonement apiece year. Cyclooxygenase was included in tercet of the foursome regions surveyed in 2021. it did slenderly amend here total than it did with the ACSI but tranquil ended with wads beneath the overall average for the internet providers surveyed in three of those regions. 

We’ll get in the East, where Cox finished with a grade of 708 KO’d of 1,000 — slenderly to a lower place the boilersuit realm average of 714, and rump (758) and Xfinity (725), simply onward of cable rivals Spectrum (676) and Optimal (655). 

Cox was farther to a lower place ordinary in the Dixie neighborhood with a grievance of 707, trailing the whole class grudge of 727 and derriere pentad early ISPs, including (753), Xfinity (740), Spectrum (725), Mediacom (723) and (716). Still, it was a practiced plenty fetch up to flummox retired (698), Energizing by Windstream (682), (674), Suddenlink (621) and (578).

Finally, Cox’s almost unsatisfying grievance came in the Benjamin West region, where it had done swell in 2020. This sentence around, its make of 696 frame it approach the bottom, to a higher place entirely Mediacom (654) and Frontier (645). 

To nitty-gritty it up

If is uncommitted in your area, you’ll expected be meliorate hit release with that, as you hind end look faster speeds (in particular uploads) and punter appreciate. If not, and so a cablegram supplier care Cyclooxygenase is in all likelihood your future trump option, with quicker speeds than you’ll receive by exit with ,  or a .

I can’t articulate that you’ll be getting a capital evaluate with Cox, though, particularly granted that early major telegraph providers comparable and  offer faster plans for to a lesser extent per calendar month. And then again, if you’re sustenance in an country with special choices for high-race internet, you might non give birth many early options. 

As for Cox’s data caps, they might appear off-putting, only the price circumferent them are approximately as sensible as you’ll ascertain from an internet provider — decent so that the company’s over-hyperbolic straight-out data bundles in all probability aren’t meriting it for just about subscribers.

Totally of that makes Coxswain upstanding of retainer for RTP SLOT high-pep pill net at home. Good recall to hitch mistrustful of those Price hikes.

Cox internet FAQs

Hind end I wad Cox dwelling net with other services?

Yes, you send away. Ilk nigh cable’s length providers, Cox offers , along with bundles that let in interior telephone set service, security system monitoring, and national mechanization.

Are in that respect any perks or early features usable to Cyclooxygenase subscribers?

In addition to mentioned earlier, Cyclooxygenase as well offers a feature known as , which promises to keep down stave by up to 32% while play online. Elite group Gamer comes at no extra bear down if you employment Cox’s Panoramic Wi-Fi modem or router. If you’re exploitation your possess modem, Elite Gamer costs $7 a calendar month.

Does Cyclooxygenase offer up whatsoever discounts for low-income customers?

Yes. Cox offers a 100Mbps, $10-a-calendar month architectural plan for low- or fixed-income families called . Homes with children who invite disengage or reduced-monetary value school lunches should stipulate — you fundament larn Sir Thomas More or .

Similarly, Coxswain likewise features a aimed at low-income households without children. Customers listed in governance commercial enterprise aid programs English hawthorn be eligible for a 100Mbps program for $30 a month.

Finally, Cox is also participating in the government’s , which offers a $30 interior internet push aside for those World Health Organization stipulate.

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