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Amazon to close Kindle e-bookstore in China

What you SHOULD do if your energy firm goes bust: Will my… All that glitters The ‘gold’ jewellery with plating that’s… Easy swaps to beat inflation: Ditch margarine for butter,… ASK TONY: I lost Mum and Dad within 10 weeks, but bank won’t…

Slimmed-down Chrissie Swan,… The Logies are back with a bang! Jessica Mauboy and Jimmy Barnes set to lead the 2022 Logie… Jessica Mauboy reveals the date of her wedding to fiancé… Former Sony Music Australia boss Denis Handlin ‘makes his…

During the ceremony, the Gold Logie Award for Most Popular Personality on Australian TV went to comedian Hamish Blake, who gave a moving speech as he accepted the coveted statuette for the second time.

Amazon went down across the globe, frustrating thousands of users who are trying to purchase Christmas gifts. DownDetector , a site that monitors online outages, shows North America, Buy Book parts of Europe and Asia were all experiencing issues

Because today, a Mail investigation reveals what happened after Black Friday last year, proving yet again that the number of genuine one-off deals worth sharpening your elbows for are, in truth, scarce.

With Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA) that backs the parliament in control of most major oil facilities, it also raises the prospect of another blockade of the country’s 1.3-million-barrels-per-day crude exports.

The United Nations backed a ceasefire and peace process after an eastern offensive against Tripoli collapsed in 2020, with most sides in Libya publicly supporting Dbeibah’s interim unity government and scheduling elections for December 2021.

Lawmakers’ declaration of Fathi Bashagha as prime minister after a televised vote aggravates a power struggle with the interim administration of Abdulhamid al-Dbeibah, who was installed through a U.N.-backed process last year.

After the election was canceled shortly before the vote was due to take place amid disputes over the rules, the parliament moved to seize control of the political process and replace Dbeibah’s government.

Nuclear project is plunged into crisis as French giant EDF… Twitter takeover moves a step closer as board urges… ‘I might have a proper holiday!’ The only woman to run City… Inflation hits 9.1% as Bank of England’s chief economist…

Amazon sellers also reported they were unable to log into Seller Central, an internal website used to manage customer orders, according to The outage came during the company’s critical holiday shopping season and could potentially create lasting log-jams at a time when there is already a critical crunch on the supply chain.

“The most likely option is a return to two governments, neither of which will have all that much legitimacy, but only one of which will control the central bank,” said Tarek Megerisi of the European Council on Foreign Relations.

The United Nations and foreign powers that recognized Dbeibah’s government when it was installed a year ago have avoided any definitive statement on which administration should now be seen as legitimate, and have instead pushed for quick elections.

This left vans that were supposed to deliver parcels sitting idle with no communication from the company, according to Bloomberg. Three delivery service partners said at 2pm ET that an Amazon app used to communicate with delivery drivers and track packages is down.

Whether the political crisis will kindle armed conflict remains unclear, but it leaves Libya without a unified government, with the main political and military forces bitterly divided and with no clear path forward.

BENGHAZI, Libya, March 1 (Reuters) – Libya’s parliament approved a new government on Tuesday despite the incumbent administration vowing not to cede power, pushing a fragile peace process to the brink of collapse and raising the risk of new fighting or territorial partition.

Any move by Bashagha to establish a government in Tripoli could well trigger armed resistance by forces linked to Dbeibah, pointing to a return to Libya’s division between rival administrations based in different cities.

Dbeibah has promised elections in June while the parliament has set a roadmap targeting a referendum on a temporary constitution followed by a national vote next year, but analysts say it is hard to envisage either event taking place.

Bashagha’s large cabinet with 35 members reflects the extensive negotiations and Buy Book promises of positions needed to secure support from a majority of members of parliament and the various interests they represent.

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