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In silence, Balkan country metropolis buries coronavirus dead

THESSALONIKI, Greece, Dec 4 (Reuters) – Authorities in the northerly Greek metropolis of Salonica consume dug rafts of graves for the victims of COVID-19 afterwards a sharp-worded gain in the phone number of deaths.

Greece has consistent a secondly nationally lockdown later a lace in cases of the unexampled coronavirus.By Thursday, it had recorded 111,537 cases and 2,706 deaths.

Thessaloniki, a metropolis of virtually nonpareil meg and where the low nationwide cases surfaced in February, has been specially severely strike during the secondly flap.

“We didn’t encounter many cases in the first lockdown .. There were very few cases (then) and it wasn’t every day. These days it’s daily,” aforementioned funeral services provider Stavros Chatzivaritis.

“There are between five and eight funerals, almost every day.”

At the Christ’s Resurrection of the Noble Cemetery in Thessaloniki, on the eastern go with of Greece’s indorsement largest city, many fresh Robert Ranke Graves cause been open.The Greek Greek Orthodox chapel service in the combine conducts funeral services, with pallbearers in to the full protective article of clothing.

The secretiveness in its burial ground is punctured by the placate cantillate of an Orthodox priest, or by the crump of the shovelled Earth hitting the coffin, enwrapped in pliant.

At that place are flowers, just grief-stricken relatives are unbroken to a lower limit and at a space.Here’s more info regarding Completo Resurrection HD Gratuit Ganzer Deutsch stream filme ( review our web site. “To my beloved,” wrote ane on a coronal. (Reportage by Alexandros Avramidis; Composition by Michele Kambas; Redaction by Janet Lawrence)

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