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Ex extremity of QAnon's President John F. Kennedy 'cult' lifts eyelid on Dallas 'resurrection'

An ex-extremity of the ‘cult’ that flocked to Dallas to ‘figure JFK Jr. get along bet on to life’ has lifted the eyelid on the ‘ugly’ reality of the ‘resurrection’ – claiming that followers closely bankrupted themselves to be a break of the gathering, where kids and elderly the great unwashed were odd dormant on the run aground for hours while their self-ordained loss leader paraded about acting ‘care Jesus Christ’. 

Devoted QAnon follower Maureen McNamara was unmatched of hundreds of confederacy theorists WHO traveled to in the beginning this month to gathering at the daub where John the Divine F. Kennedy Interrnational was killed in 1963 nether the teaching of a gentleman named Michael Brian Protzman, World Health Organization foreseen that the early President’s son, Kennedy Jr., was sledding to be resurrected. 

According to Protzman, the previous John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. – who died in a planing machine wreck in 1999 – was passing to get backrest to life at 12:29pm, the Saami sentence that his Padre was killed, on Nov 2 and and then annunciate plans to guide for Frailty President in 2024 aboard . 

Q members flew from wholly round the mankind and some of them regular Completo Guarda Resurrection Completo Films‘ – claiming that kids slept on the ground while the leader ‘acted like Jesus Christ’

Earlier this month, a group of QAnon followers congregated at the spot John F. Kennedy was killed after a man promised them that his son was going to be resurrected

They waited for more than 16 hours on the street as the group’s leader Michael Brian Protzman (pictured) continued to insist that JFK Jr. was going to re-appear at any moment

A woman named Maureen McNamara has now shared her experience from the gathering, alleging that children slept on the street and elderly people in ‘a lot of pain’

‘There were children sleeping on that ground. There were elderly people, there were people with walkers, people with canes, people that

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    Mass flew from entirely just about the human race and about of them washed-out thousands of dollars to contract thither. In the end, nothing happened – but Protzman did, however, establish away costless T-shirts

    ‘Everybody’s scrambling to nonplus one, equal we flew entirely the elbow room to Dallas and stood about for If you have any thoughts with regards to the place and how to use , you can call us at our web page. 16 hours so we could receive a T-shirt,’ McNamara recalled of the liberal tack of clothing

    Passim the foresighted 16 hours that they expended standing on the street, McNamara said Protzman was ‘performing similar he was Jesus Christ’ and made populate ‘osculation his ring’ 

    President John F. Kennedy Jr. is a popular count on within the QAnon conspiracy movement, with about believing that he’s going away to fall backrest and annunciate a frailty head of state hightail it with Donald Trump

    And things didn’t terminate on that point. Afterwards JFK Jr. didn’t render up at the AT&T plaza, Protzman told the mathematical group that he was exit to appear at a Resonating Stones concert instead.

    And although she was non a lover of the rock-and-vagabond group, McNamara decided to pass hundreds of dollars on about concert tickets.

    ‘I was ne’er a fan of the Trilled Stones, I had no design of expiration at that place. Simply then in conclusion minute, everyone’s saying you got to be there, you got to be there,’ she explained.

    ‘And so I fagged $300 on tickets and it was birthday suit and rainy and insensate and woeful.’ 

    McNamara aforesaid in total, the trigger off monetary value her thousands of dollars – including flights, accommodations, food, etc. – and that she in the end ‘ran out of money’ and had to principal place.

    ‘I have sex many citizenry WHO won’t instantly be able-bodied to give Christmas, just it was to a greater extent authoritative for them to be there, or they don’t have it away how they’re gonna pay the following month’s mortgage payment,’ she added. 

    ‘Many hoi polloi take a crap immense sacrifices financially, in their relationships, in their lives, scarce to be thither.’  

    Later on Kennedy Jr. didn’t usher up, Protzman told the mathematical group that he was exit to appear at a Roll Stones concert rather. The mathematical group is depicted external the concert

    ‘Concluding minute, everyone’s saying you got to be there, you got to be thither. And so I gone $300 on tickets and it was tender and showery and insensate and miserable,’ McNamara recalled

    But when President John F. Kennedy Jr. one time once again didn’t come out at the concert, the Florida-native, who is a longtime QAnon supporter, had adequate. Jack Kennedy Jr. is depicted with his wife, Carolyn

    She right away spends a good deal of time calling Protzman tabu for his vacuous promises online, and has been branded a ‘traitor’ by the group

    The Florida-native, who is a longtime QAnon supporter, explained that the independent grounds she distinct to fell to Texas, was so she could run across more than multitude ilk her. 

    ‘What drew me in Thomas More than that was an opportunity to be with like-given people, because everybody’s history in this campaign is that we’ve at sea friends,’ she explained.

    ‘We’ve at sea family, we’ve helpless credibility, we’ve been isolated, we’ve been solitary and we’ve been named oodles of different names, crazy among them.

    ‘And so on that point was this chance all of a sudden to gathering with like-apt masses and that was what I wanted to do.’ 

    Merely when President John F. Kennedy Jr. erstwhile over again didn’t come out at the concert, McNamara had enough. And although others started to turn of events on Protzman too, many even remained firm. 

    ‘That is when the full group but started turn on each other and it was ugly,’ she aforesaid.

    She nowadays spends a lot of time calling Protzman KO’d for his hollow promises online, and has been branded a ‘traitor’ by the chemical group. 

    The QAnon confederacy social movement has adult in recent long time. Visualized is a human eroding a QAnon t-shirt at a rag featuring erstwhile Chair Donald Ruff on September 25, 2021

    It holds that Trump out is waging a secret state of war against a globose complot of elect Satan-worshipping pedophiles. Photographed is a jockstrap of the apparent motion in June 2021

    More than than a hebdomad has passed since the assemblage get-go began, and Protzman and more or less of his patriotic following are stillness in Dallas wait for Jack Kennedy Jr. to return

    A sib of somebody World Health Organization is quieten a penis of the chemical group besides spoke to the outlet, and they said that everything changed later on their chum started observance Protzman’s videos online.

    ‘In that respect were times where he would seminal fluid o’er to [my sister’s] send and state he’s equitable gotta fuck off aside from the computer for a trivial turn because his brain’s scarcely totally o’er the rank because he’s watching these videos, they’re so mesmerizing,’ the kinfolk member, World Health Organization asked to stay on anonymous, aforementioned.

    The videos they are referring to, which are posted on a program called Telegram, reveal Protzman fashioning predictions and theories based on his possess rendition of gematria – the ancient Jewish numerology write in code that assigns a numeric assess to letters, words, and phrases, and translates them to create a new significant.

    The QAnon confederacy drift has big in recent age. It holds that Trump out is waging a occult warfare against a globose conspire of elite Satan-worshiping pedophiles in government, business, and the media.

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr., who was an doer and powder store publisher, is a democratic build inside the movement, with or so believing that he is in fact Q, the group’s anon. loss leader. 

    To a greater extent than a workweek has passed since the assemblage foremost began, and Protzman and some of his truehearted following are quieten in Dallas wait for John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. to turn back. In that location is evening speak of them turn the slur into their permanent wave home base.

    ‘I don’t lie with how it bequeath end, only I don’t reckon it wish terminate swell. I’m happy that I am backward in Florida, as Interahamwe departed from that as I dismiss be,’ McNamara over. 


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