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Irina Shayk speaks out after post led to claims of Russian support

has finally spoken out and confronted social media users on her Instagram on Friday who have accused her of supporting Russia’s .

The Russian supermodel, 36, shared a since-deleted photo on her Instagram story of a simple bowl of potato salad, but her caption sparked immediate controversy.

She had typed out, ‘Russianzz on Wednesday.’ The letter Z has appeared as a symbol of support for the Russian military. Later on Friday, however, Irina assured there was no hidden meaning in the photo.

Reassured: Irina Shayk, 36, has spoken out on her Instagram following recent controversy over a previous photo and caption 

The model jumped to her Instagram story once again to type out a simple message to her fans and social media users. 

She wrote out, ‘Sometimes a salad is just a salad. I promise: slot tergacor hari ini no coded messages or political commentary here. Wishing everyone love.’ 

Irina added a pink heart emoji at the end of her short statement in order to express that she had no negative intentions. 

Backlash: The model’s photo stirred controversy after her wrote out the letter ‘z’ on her caption, with the letter known for being a symbol of support for Russian military 

Although the letter ‘z’ is not in the actual Russian alphabet, it has become a symbol for support of Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. 

The letter can be seen printed on Russian tanks and vehicles. According to , there are a few theories about the Z symbol, from it meaning ‘Zapobedu’ (for victory), or the geographical area that Russian troops are stationed, with the symbol standing for ‘zapad’ (west). 

As the war still continues, social media users and individuals accused the Russian model of secretly sending her support by adding ‘z’ to her caption. 

Posts: The model will often post snaps on her Instagram of food that she has prepared during the day 

The former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model often shares photos her day-to-day life with her 18.8 million followers on Instagram. 

She will often upload snaps of places she has visited and food that she has prepared. 

In the past, Irina has also previously shown her support for Ukraine in a post on her main page. 

Spoken out: The mom of one uploaded a statement to her Instagram to defend herself after users accused her of supporting Russia amid its invasion of Ukraine 

‘No To War’: A few months earlier in February, Irina showed her support for Ukraine in an Instagram post, and also explained that she would be sending donations 

Back in February of this year, Irina uploaded a picture of a peace sign, and typed out a caption publicly expressing her support for Ukraine. 

She wrote out, ‘No To War,’ followed by emojis such as hearts. The supermodel also stated that she would donating to UNICEF and Red Cross, and gave links so her fans and followers could also send their help. 

The mom of one closed out her caption by adding, ‘Praying for peace,’ with a globe and folded hands emoji. 

End of controversy: After backlash spread on Wednesday due to her post, the model finally spoke out two days later on Friday 

‘Wishing everyone love’: In her short statement on Instagram, the model expressed that she had no hidden agenda with her previous post, and wished, ‘everyone love’ 

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